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I'm Martin K. Amstalden, a new PhD student in the lab.

About me

I come from Brazil. I did my Bachelors in Pharmacy-Biochemistry and my Masters in Biosciences and Biotechnology at the University of São Paulo, where I worked with the antimicrobial activity of lectins and their association with antibiotics.

My project

My PhD project focuses on investigating the influence of drugs, food chemicals and human metabolites on virulence and antibiotic resistance regulatory networks of Salmonella Typhimurium, using novel high-throughput screening methods.


  • Costa, M. S.; Gonçalves, Y. G.; Borges, B. C.; Silva, M. J. B.; Amstalden, M. K.; Costa, T. R.; Antunes, L. M. G.; Rodrigues, R. S.; Rodrigues, V. M.; De Faria Franca, E.; Zoia, M. A. P.; De Araújo, T. G.; Goulart, L. R.; Von Poelhsitz, G.; Yoneyama, K. A. G. (2020). Ruthenium (II) complex cis-[RuII(ŋ2-O2CC7H7O2)(dppm)2]PF6-hmxbato induces ROS-mediated apoptosis in lung tumor cells producing selective cytotoxicity. Scientific Reports 10, 15410.

  • Bernardes, C. P.; Santos, N. A. G.; Costa, T. R.; Sisti, F.; Amaral, L.; Menaldo, D. L.; Amstalden, M. K.; Ribeiro, D. L.; Antunes, L. M. G. ; Sampaio, S. V. ; Santos, A. C. (2020). A Synthetic Snake-Venom-Based Tripeptide Protects PC12 Cells from the Neurotoxicity of Acrolein by Improving Axonal Plasticity and Bioenergetics. Neurotox Res 37, 227–237.

  • Costa, T. R.; Amstalden, M. K.; Ribeiro, D. L.; Menaldo, D. L.; Sartim, M. A.; Aissa, A. F.; Antunes, L. M.G.; Sampaio, S. V. (2018). CR-LAAO causes genotoxic damage in HepG2 tumor cells by oxidative stress. Toxicology 404–405, 42-48.

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