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Hi my name is Christoph Binsfeld, and I'm a new PhD student in the lab.

About me

I'm from Germany and studied Biology at the Justus-Liebig-Universität in Gießen, where I did my MSc  thesis at the Institute for Molecular Biology and Microbiology. During my thesis I worked with antibiotic tolerance and persistence in E. coli. I also spent 6 months at the Uppsala Universitet in Sweden, working on contact dependent growth inhibition (CDI) in the context of persistence.


My project

My PhD project focuses on mechanisms of low level antibiotic resistance. I will systematically investigate the regulation of drug transport mechanisms in E. coli, and explore how such mechanisms are accountable for antagonistic antibiotic combinations. Therefore, we apply molecular biology techniques, as well as high-end robotic based high-throughput assays combined with computational analysis.

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